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Traveling leaves you speechless, and turns you into a storyteller.

Land Rover in Namib Desert
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The Namibian Land Rover Experience Adventure Tour.

Sossusvlei in Namib Desert at Golden Hour
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Explore Namibia's finest and one of the world's oldest Landscapes.

Closeup from Sand Dune in namib Desert
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Namibia is an astonishing country, definitely worthwhile exploring.

Road to Brandberg at Namibia
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Join us for a once a Lifetime Experience.

Namib Deserts meets the Atlantic Ocean

Join us for your individual Adventure

Spending time in one of the world's oldest historical landscapes, Namibias Damaraland and Kaokofeld is priceless thus needs to be seen to tell the story.

With a 4x4 that made history and is known to be the legend of exploring Africa - making a name for itself - the Land Rover Defender 110 named Betty is your ticket to a front row seat traveling through this beautiful Landscape.

We invite you to an adventure of a lifetime - extraordinary, personal and overall exclusive. With a maximum of 3 seats available at a time, we will depart from Namibia’s capital Windhoek on an adventure that has, unlike any ordinary tour, no fixed destination, apart from making it up north to explore Namibias mighty Kunene River.

"Growing up in Namibia was a privilege and an adventure, my heart and soul fell in love with the vastness and varsity of endless landscapes as far as the eye can see."

This could be your travel experience

This will not be your average tag along Travel Experience!

Brandberg Landscape Sunrise

Tour Planning

We not only want you to feel like you’re planning your own tour - you actually are planning it!
Campfire with Nightsky Namibia / Spitzkoppe

Maps & GPS

With maps and a GPS on board you will sit around the campfire and decide which route and adventure to take the next day.
Aphrican Elephant Namibia


We will discuss intensities and risk of the route and look and our camping options for the end of the day.
Epupa Falls Namibia

Tour Changing

This gives you the opportunity to gain experience or improve your already existing one.
Lodge Sossusvlei / Namibia

Local Guides

With local experts letting you in on the Why - How - Should we or Should we not.
Spitzkoppe Landscape / Namibia

Improve yourself

We make you an experienced explorer and camper.
Heavy Rainfall Namibia


Offering a variety of packages to meet our entire thrill seeking Namibian adventure’s out there.
Epupafalls Namibia

It's up to you

Now it's up to you to join us on your thrilling adventure tour through the astonishing nature of Namibia.

Your Adventure

starts here.

For our international guests flying into Namibias Hosea Kutako Airport, we are collaborating with the beautiful Kapp’s Valley. The direct transfer is only a short drive from the airport! You may kick off those shoes, relax, explore and enjoy your first sundowner with great hospitality. We will meet you there!

Kapps Valley Lodge / Namibia

Kapp's Valley

Take your first impressions of Namibia and relax after your flight at the historic lodge in the middle of "Kappsmountains" about 20km outside of Windhoek town.
Spitzkoppe at Sunrise / Namibia


The Spitzkoppe is also called the Matterhorn of Namibia because of its striking shape and it can be seen from far away as an imposing elevation in the plain.
Sunny Brandberg with blue Sky / Namibia


Namibia’s highest mountain - the notorious Brandberg mountain with a height of 2 575m! This is definitely not your average adventure and nothing for sissy’s!
Elephant Dust in Namibia / Damaraland


The Damaraland is part of the Kunene region in the northwest of Namibia. This region impresses with a rocky and rugged landscape of enchanting beauty.
Mud Dirttrack Namibia
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hotspots and famous landscapes.

Services in Detail

Fascinating Landscapes

The Damaraland and Kaokofeld present you with one of the worlds most fascinating geological features and breath taking views.

Landrover Defender 110

What better way to experience this by going of the beaten track in a car that was build for Africa, the legendary Land Rover 110 Defender which offer you that first hand experience and an adventure not to be forgotten with front row seats. With the right tools for the right job we drive into the unknown with our fully kitted unique Defenders.

Pure Nature

This is about free camping under the stars, scouting for that special spot for the night, setting up camp, soaking in the vastness of untouched territory while seeing the sun set in all its beauty under clear skys in the horizon.

Outdoor Adventure

Our initial focus is to not give you that feeling of just tagging along on another ride in the bus. Instead this is your trip where you learn how to pack the car with all the necessities, how to scout for a camp for the night, set up, make that fire under the clear star scattered sky.

Mountain Bike Free Ride

Grab your bike and lets scout for those unique lines or stretch your legs by covering some distances on our routes.

Challenge the mighty Brandberg

This is Namibia’s highest mountain range with the Koenigstein being the highest point and peaking at 2575m above sea level, also being home to one of the oldest rock paintings around the world.

Explore Namibia

Explore Namibia with our Defenders by going off the beaten track through Damaraland and Kaokofeld with mind blowing landscapes and geological features. Some encounters on these routes will be the famous Spitzkoppe, the mighty Brand Berg, find our way through the Ugab River to cross over into the Huab River. Take a dip in the Ongongo / Warm Quell spring. Look over the Kunene River into Angola and hear the might roar of the Epupa Falls.

Let's get started


Our trips start with a minimum of 12 days up to 21 days. This includes a total of 2 nights (upon arrival and before departure) at Kapp's Valley. For tailor made options please contact us.



Incl. Guide Coverage
Park Fees
Camping Fees
Meals / Drinks


Incl. Guide Coverage
Park Fees
Camping Fees
Meals / Drinks


Incl. Guide Coverage
Park Fees
Camping Fees
Meals / Drinks

*Tips are not included.
For more details, please contact us.